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The brand & the products

Robinson & Dapper is a Scottish brand based in Denmark, creating and selling luxury handmade bow ties, neck ties and pocket squares.

Why our accessories are special

Only exclusive, pure Scottish wool fabrics are used in making Robinson & Dapper accessories. Our fabrics are woven by some of the most historic and reputable mill companies in Scotland, and are then shipped over to our workshop here in Denmark, where we make all of our accessories by hand.We have chosen each supplier for their speciality, whether it's lambswool, tweed or twill. We incorporate a variety of colours, weaves and weights of wool, many of which are not usually seen in neckwear, as well as more classic textiles, making our accessories suitable for both formal and casual wear.

Why Scottish wool

Robinson & Dapper is a Scottish-owned company, and the founder, Sarah, is very passionate about transforming the traditional wool fabrics she grew up around into a modern fashion statement.Scottish wool is historically known as being some of the highest quality found in the world and the craftmanship behind these fabrics is unbeatable.

The idea & the result

Our concept is to combine heritage fabrics with modern design. We create collections of stylish, luxury accessories for the modern gentleman, using traditional, high quality textiles. Our products are exclusive, unique and are handcrafted with great care and attention to detail from start to finish.